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Twin Cities Catholic Chorale

Schubert - Mass in C

19 February 2017

Saint Paul, MN.  USA

Florilegium Chamber Choir

Bach - Lobet den Herrn - BWV 230

5 March 2017

New York, NY.  USA

Bach Society of Dayton

Bach - St.John Passion

5 March 2017

Dayton, OH.  USA

Bach in Baltimore

Bach - Mass in B-minor

5 March 2017

Baltimore, MD.  USA

Rogue Valley Chorale

Mozart - Missa Brevis in C

11 March 2017

Medford, OR. USA

Arlington-Belmont Chorale

Orff - Carmina Burana

12 March 2017

Arlington, MA. USA

Master Chorus Eastside

Faure - Requiem, & more...

12 March 2017

Bellevue, WA. USA

Schiersteiner Kantorei

Dvorak - Stabat Mater

25 March 2017

Wiesbaden, DE.

Kristiansund Kammerkor

Faure - Requiem & more

25 March 2017

Sunndal, NO.
26 March 2017
Kristiansund, NO.

San Jose Symphonic Choir

Beethoven - Missa Solemnis

26 March 2017

San Jose, CA.  USA

Hutton & Shenfield Choral Society

Bach - St. Matthew Passion

1 April 2017

Chelmsford, UK

Eastbourne Choral Society

Mozart - Requiem

Haydn - Lord Nelson Mass

1 April 2017

Eastbourne, UK

8 April 2017

London, UK

Jongenskoor Dalfsen

Bach - St. Matthew Passion

14 April 2017

Kampen, NL.

Choral Arts Philadelphia

Bach - Cantata BWV 6

Bach - Cantata BWV 68

Bach - Cantata BWV 238

19 April 2017

Philadelphia, PA.  USA

Choral Arts Philadelphia

Bach - Cantata BWV 215

Bach - Cantata BWV 11

26 April 2017

Philadelphia, PA.  USA

Limerick Choral Union

Puccini - Messa di Gloria

Rossini - Stabat Mater

29 April 2017

Limerick, IR.

Bristol Cabot Choir

Haydn - Lord Nelson Mass

29 April 2017

Bristol, UK

Plymouth Oratorio Society

Haydn - The Creation

30 April 2017

Plymouth, MI.  USA

Elmhurst Choral Union

Mozart - Requiem

Mozart - Solemn Vespers of the Confessor

30 April 2017

Elmhurst, IL.  USA

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