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Vocal Warm Ups


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Set #1

Basic Warm Up



Purchase all 23 Exercises on CD


Only $25 (Includes Shipping/Handling)


  Five note run on 'yo'

. um . stop . you know . like. using . uh . filler words


 Books about Singing


 Vocal Exercises


  'yoh yaw yah yeh yay'


  Five note staccato on 'oh' or 'ee'


  Staccato 'ee' followed by a run down the scale


  Three note staccato on 'oh' or 'ee'

Set #2

Basic Warm Up



Purchase Exercise CD for the Car


Only $25 (Includes Shipping/Handling)


  Four note legato on 'ee' or 'oo'

The Choral Singer's



Roy Bennett


  Eight note legato with 7th jump on 'ee' or 'oo'


  Three note run down the scale on 'yo', 'go', or 'ko'


  Arpeggio on ' zee zee zah zah zee'


  Legato run down the scale on 'ah-ay-ee-ah'



Player Controls




Serving Choirs Worldwide Since 2000

Set #3

 Runs and Turns

(all can be sung on

ee, ay, eh, ah, aw, oh, or oo)



Purchase Exercise CD

Rip and Burn Tracks to IPOD


Only $25 (Includes Shipping/Handling)


  Five note run (times three)



Books about Choirs



  Five note run followed a nine note run


  Timed Breathing - 2 nine note runs (sing 2nd run)


  Legato 5th followed by a nine note run


  Legato 9th followed by a nine note run


  Runs and Turns


  Run down the scale

Set #4

Vibrato Exercise



Purchase to all 4 Sets on CD


Only $25 (Includes Shipping/Handling)


  11 Note Run Up&Down the Scale on 'oh'

The Singing Coach

The Singing Coach Unlimited


Product Manual


  Triplets on 'wee'


  4 quarters followed by run down scale on 'ee-ay-ee-ah'


  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Octave Jumps on 'gee'


  Run up and down the scale on 'see-ah'


  Run down the scale on 'see-ah'


"The only thing better than singing is more singing" - Ella Fitzgerald


The CyberBass Family

I have an eclectic & artistic family whose talents outshine mine.  I would like to share their websites with you ...


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Composer, Songwriter

Film Scorer, Conductor

Bach - B Minor Mass


Beethoven - 9th Symphony



Arranger for Violin & Recorder

Flutes of Fancy

Berlioz - Requiem


Bernstein - Chichester Psalms

Flutes of Fancy is pleased to announce the release of their first CD:   A collection of traditional Irish, Scottish, and English nautical tunes titled Flautilla: Sea Songs Salty and Serene.  The music is available as a digital download on CDBaby and partner sites such as Amazon and iTunes.

Dvorak - Stabat Mater


Brahms - Requiem


Drama Director

Author, Playwright

Durufle - Requiem


Handel - Messiah

Dr Sal Ferrantelli

Composer - Arranger - Educator


Conductor of the Choir

where CyberBass was Born


Haydn - The Creation


Lauridson - Lux Aeterna


Mozart - Requiem


Orff - Carmina Burana


Verdi - Requiem


Vivaldi - Gloria


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