Skylar van Joolen


Music for film, video games, musical theatre and contemporary ensembles.


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Musical Theatre



From the Production of Hansel & Gretel

Written in Collaboration with Lauren Penna




Graduation Recessional


Fanfare of the Triumphs

Quincy College Graduation 2015/2016


Modern Compositions


Film Scores

Just for Fun


The Unwanted Wakeup




Heart Drug Satisfaction


Samson (Trailer)

A film by Austin Heemstra


Achieving Lift

An animation by Jeff Sawhill


Waiting for the Sun


A Groovy Concept


Night in the Forest


Romantic Moment


The Last Day Prologue

Pomm Films


The Spy's Demise


The Suitcase




Empire Escape


Mozart was a Fun Guy

In Collaboration with

Aldon Baker and Liana Harotian



Choral Works


The Sultan's Turret

Baltimore Choral Arts Society



Graduated 2013 - Bachelor of Music - Dual Major in Film Scoring and Composition - Minor in Conducting - Berklee College of Music


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